Please help (Nextcloud / Cloudflare)

I am new to Cloudflare. I have purchased a domain so that I can get Nextcloud up and running on my server.

I have done the following:

  • Created DNS on duck.dns to have my subdomain
  • created A name DNS for root back to my main IP (not sever)
  • Created CNAME DNS for “nextcloud” pointing to my Duck DNS subdomain
  • Opened port on my Asus router for 1443 with server IP address and BOTH rules
  • I installed SWAG as my reverse proxy and its working properly.

When I open my subdomain website for Nextcloud, it just times out and says to contact Cloudflare… It says Browser is working, Cloudflare is working but HOST is red with an error. ERROR code 522

I have been AT WAR with this for going on 3 days now… can someone PLEASE HELP!

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Do you mean 1443, or is this just a typo and you meant 443?

i was going by this video to get it all set up. He changed the port from 443 to 1443… so I did the same?

im sorry, this 1443 was on SWAG.

Cloudflare only supports a few ports at the edge…

You can still make that work but you’ll need to use origin rules to tell Cloudflare that your origin is on port 1443 (externally you’ll use without a port, so port 443, through the proxy).

i give up man… with all the stuff I have edited, its now making my Overseerr link not work…

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