Please Help! New here!

yesterday I set up Cloudflare for my website. I also have Wp Super cache.
I probably made mistakes because my website is slower in both Google and GTMetrix.
Also the images are not loading as you can see in the attached image.
All my images are uploaded in web sizes and then I use resmushit to optimize even further.
What I did wrong? Where should I look to correct everything?
Please help me because I’m running traffic to the website and I must correct this problem.
I hope that some of you can help me.
Thank you so much

Can you provide URL of your webiste ? would be easier to try to help you

Thank you so much for your reply.

The url is

Please let me know your thoughts!

I’m not a tech guy, so I’m doing my best here to understand, learn and make it happen!

I see pictures on your website, no problem with that.

You seem to use 2 plugins doing the same thing : PixelYourSite Free version 7.2.0 & PixelYourSite Pinterest version 2.0.15, get rid of one.

Also, looks like you blocked access to /wp-admin using a rule, but you still need to let Admin-ajax.php accessible.

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Hi William,
Thank you for your thoughts.
I’ve made some changes, deleted some plugins and changed the cache plugin.
I hope that now I’ll get better results.
For now the numbers are not that good though!
Thank you once again

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