Please HELP: New domain ("Site") stuck in "Pending nameserver update", nothing I can do gets it unstuck

Yesterday I added a new “Site” (ie a domain) to my Cloudflare dashboard, and contrary to all the other domains, even after 24 hours since I changed the corresponding NS RRs at my registrar to point to the Cloudflare NS, it’s still stuck at “Pending nameserver update”.

I checked each and every one of the gTLD nameservers ({a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m}, and they are all correctly returning the NS RRs set to the Cloudflare nameservers, so AFAICS it’s not anything like faulty configuration at the registrar nor propagation issues.

I also tried clicking on the “Check nameservers” button more than once (but respecting the time limit) on the domain’s page at my Cloudflare dashboard, and even tried removing the domain and creating it again, to no avail: even after recreation, it keeps showing the “Pending nameserver update”, and refusing to proceed.

Looks like something is stuck at Cloudflare’s end. Can someone from the Cloudflare staff(1) or anyone else able to help, please have a look?

I’ve not posted the domain name nor my gTLD verification logs due to privacy concerns; I presume anyone from Cloudflare would be able to see it easily (it’s the only one not “Active” in the list of domains on my Cloudflare dashboard), but please PM me if you need it or anything else.

Thanks in advance!

(1) (@ashaheen @simon or anyone else)

You’ve likely set them to the wrong value (check the assigned nameserver pair) or have made a typo in the nameserver values when entering them at the registrar. The next most likely cause is that you didn’t remove the other nameservers or that you have DNSEC in place.


Thanks @cscharff for the detailed response.

I had already triple-checked it all – so I was in the middle of composing a somewhat indignant response, including screenshots with angry red arrows pointing to the details you told me to check which of course I was sure were correct, when I noticed a one-letter typo in one of the NS RRs :slight_smile:

Now that I fixed the typo and clicked on “Check Nameservers” and waited a few minutes, the domain now shows as “Active”, and all seems to be good.

Thanks again!


lol… no worries, I have done it myself and I’ve insisted it was correct as well.


Hehe - we’ve all made this mistake, believe me! There was a time many years ago that I managed to escalate a customer issue internally like this and it made it all the way through many layers of very smart people until someone spotted the cloudfare



Thanks @cscharff and @simon for telling me these ‘war stories’… I feel a little less stoopeed now :wink: :slight_smile:

In my case I typed instead of in just one place and it was enough to eff things up completely… :frowning:

One suggestion: perhaps Cloudflare could show somewhere the reason the domain is still “pending”? Something lilke “wrong/missing Cloudflare NS RR in registrar” in red next to the “Check nameservers” button would would have saved quite a few of the hairs I pulled while trying to fix this (I spent literally hours before posting here in the community forum).


A good suggestion - there’s definitely improvements in the pipeline to how we show this on the dashboard. Not sure on the exact ETA, but it is being worked on.


Glad to hear it, the CPS (Capillary Preservation Society) will certainly approve! :slight_smile:

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