Please help my wordpress DNS nameserver issue


I am trying to set up a my Cloudfare DNS nameservers on my Wordpress site. I have uploaded the Cloudfare plug-in and optimized it.

When viewing the Cloudfare and Wordpress how to guide for the DNS records I am confused. Can someone please help me clarify how to do this? Cloudfare is not my host, Wordpress is. It is not clear how I maintain as my host, while adding the Cloudfare records.

Do I replace my Wordpress DNS nameservers with the Cloudfare? Or do I add the Cloudfare nameserves in addition to my host servers?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Step 1. login to Cloudflare and grab the dns server FQDN.
Step 2. login to your wordpress vendor like godaddy, and goto admin panel, replace your vendor dns with Cloudflare dns.
Step3. hit refresh in Cloudflare console, this will verify if everythiing is correct.

thats it.

Thanks! I dont have a wordpress vendor. My website is hosted by

I heard from Wordpress and learned that changing my nameservers would change my host to Cloudfare. That’s not what I want to do. I thought I could add Cloudfare to help speed up my site without transferring my whole site. Not going to use Cloudfare after all.


when you say, do you mean something like ? is this your site address? if yes, check with wordpress dot com team if you can change dns on that site. I used wordpress dot com earlier, I guess you cannot change dns for wordpress dot com. check with them first.

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