Please Help My website not show

Please Help website not show not website files on hosting cloudflare nameserver add in domain dns

This is what I see. If that’s not how it’s supposed to look, then click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner of the Overview page in the Cloudflare Dashboard and then wait five minutes. Let us know if your site shows up after that.

Same result

Even the http version looks like that. Since you’re bypassing Cloudflare, that’s a hosting issue. You’ll have to ask your web host for help.

already ask but hosting says ask to cloudflare

I’m guessing they didn’t even bother to check the IP address, or see that browsers are connecting directly to their server.

So…if you check the DNS records at your site host, do the IP addresses end with 167.228?

UPDATE: I just checked the DNS record. It’s…Google hosting? I expected better from them.


You definitely need to readjust or lower your expectations when it comes to Google.

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