Please help my website just went down

I transferred the nameservers to Cloudflare and my site is now down i checked with dns propogation tool and it shows active but now my website is not loading

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You need to add a record for Requests to return a 301 redirect to which then fail because you have no DNS record for the www host. Add one. :smile:

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Thanks a milloin for your quick revert, I am a novice can you help me with how to do it
i tried Cname with name =@ and target =

It says An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists.

Please help

You already have a record for @ which is your apex name, You need to add a record with the name www.


I tried this as well but the error message is still the same that it already exists

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) CNAME content cannot reference itself. this is the exact error code i am getting

The error is correct. You cannot create a self-referential CNAME.

Please post a screenshot of what you are trying to enter along with the error. If you can include one that shows your other existing records, that would help. You can hide the IPs if you want.


here is the screenshot.

Your CNAME target needs to be just


The record got added now but the website is still not opening. What did i do wrong?

I apologise for really bothering you but then you are the only hope i have.

The record got created but the website is still not opening.

It is working here. You may need to try from an incognito browser or reset your local DNS resolver cache. If your WiFi router provides your local DNS, restarting it should take care of that. I’d try from an incognito browser session first, though.

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Thanks a lot sir, I dont know how to thank you for helping me. You truly are a saviour.

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