[Please help] My website is down

Hi everyone,
I’m new one. Before my site run normally but when using cloudeflare website can not connect.
I already change nameserver from domain. How can i do fix that problem?
Thank you

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Thanks for your answer.
I change cloud yellow to gray it work.
But change cloud yellow get error 504 again…

Bypassing the proxy your site seems to load fine and you do have a valid certificate in place. One thing I notice is that you send a few requests to ports 3030 and 5000. This wont work in a proxied context.

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Yes, i using port 5000 for api server and 3030 for socket.io
How can i do? Please give me advise

If you want to proxy your main domain you will need to move these to a separate hostname, which will have to be :grey: and cant be proxied.

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