Please Help me!:(

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Is this your domain? As far as I see it is already added to Cloudflare.
Returns Error 522.

You could also try using the next Google tool here:

  1. Open the Remove Outdated Content tool. You must be logged in with a Google account to use this tool, in order to prevent abuse.
  2. Enter the URL of the page or image in the required format.
  3. Click Submit. If the page or image still exists at the URL provided, you will be asked for additional information.
  4. After a successful submission, you will see your request added to the request history at the bottom of the tool.
  5. Periodically check back to see the status of your request. If denied, there will be a link to an explanation why.
  6. If your request is approved:
  • If the page is no longer available, it will no longer appear in Search results.
  • If the page is still available but changed, it will remove the snippet and cached result from Search results, but both will be refreshed the next time Google’s crawler visits the page. Until that time, the page can still appear in Search results.

Write the full URL and mark it as “outdated” or request to remove it from Google search results.

Hope it helps at least a bit with your issue. Do not forget as @sdayman written above, report a complaint to Cloudflare.

I’ve already done that but nothing happens.
can’t you see who that was?

Maybe try with this one too:

Ich habs versucht? Aber könnt ihr nicht sehen wer es was?

Sorry, but we’re Cloudflare users and don’t have access to that information. And Cloudflare staff won’t provide that information. Only the Abuse department I referenced earlier can address this matter. Outside of Cloudflare, if it’s an illegal act, you will have to contact your local law enforcement.

Ja habe jetzt Anzeige erstellt

Kann das hier bitte gelöscht werden

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Kindly, calm down the tension …
Screenshot_2021-02-14 Kann das bitte gelöscht werder - DNS Network - Cloudflare Community

Ich habe das extra gelöscht nicht damit jemand das wieder da rein tut :roll_eyes:

It is sunday.
Support is working somewhere and will get back to you as soon as possible if you contacted them.

Moreover, mine Google report for your URL is still waiting and is not resolved by Google. See here the current status:
Screenshot_2021-02-14 Uklanjanje zastarjelog sadržaja iz Google pretraživanja – Search Console