Please help me with my ewrror my website dont work

Please help me!!! my website is not running and everything was ok. I need to make it run again and problem is that I cannot even access cpanel for FTP files and Mysql or dont know where is the problem. I have checked in on speed test in dashboard panel and thats an answer. I am also trying to get subscription buy and I have account on my paypal and money there but I dont have any card there and I cannot pay with paypal balance as they want card first and i am so annoyed. please help me anyone. How do I get cpanel access for my account?

My website is returned a status 404. Try the options below to fix the issue.


Review the configuration between your origin server and Cloudflare and ensure that the origin resolves requests successfully


Review any existing [Firewall Rules] applied to your website which may be blocking access to ‘Known Bots’


Contact [Customer Support]

If your DNS records are :orange: then FTP and mysql will not work.

I would test by making your DNS record :grey: and seeing if your site works then.

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