PLEASE HELP ME! Web server is returning an unknown error Error code 520

Cloudflare Ray ID: 754dd6525a9a8930 • Your IP:


Hello there,

At the moment, its redirecting to Would you check your configuration again?

yes but still 520 sir

Your ‘yes’ points me to some suspicion in configuration again somehow. Here’s the guide to tackle the issue.:

How’s that possible its redirecting to other domain? I assume that’s pointed by you. Correct?
Check the above #tutorial for the resolution.

yes i read a guide, but i still dont know what to do.

You should better contact the Developer. Apart from that, I see, your site is reflecting 525 error in Chrome. You can read about it here

From the above pic, I see there’s obvious issues. You’ve multiple issues. Fix the 525 issue:

Secondly, CORB issue. CORB warning message may indicate a problem on a website, which may disrupt its behavior when certain responses are blocked .

I hope you can look for more information on that or contact your dev to fix

how about my other sites? like www. pakembjakarta. org?

Please keep that conversation continued through this posted thread.
Perhaps, the issue seems to vary

so the issue is come from Cloudflare right? cause all my domain have a same problem. Or i just need to use other DNS?

Cloudflare only throws the error that which is reflected at the origin server in this case.

so a real problem is from my hosting or CF, i really dont know sir, sorry for bothering you

Instead of this, May I suggest you to debug the issue that are vary in sites?

what mean debug?

You need to check your host server.

Debug means to find the issue and fix them especially in code. However, here it is to debug the issue from various point of view. Ex: the image that’s pointed above of Google.

i have already ask from my hosting server is godaddy, but they said a problem is come from CF

I think this will not bring any resolution by talking to Godaddy or Cloudflare. Here, you/ the dev team behind the websites, need to analyze the issue, & fix it. I’m sure its frustrating when this happens like this. But, when you don’t know what to do, you need to ask the dev to do it.

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how to ask to the dev?

@nadarstepen88 I think that’s quite inappropriate here for me to tell you. instead ‘Dev’, I meant to say: the who designs & develops the site.

my site have this issue, when opened firstime this will show and after refresh then running normally. Whats problem with tihs?

Hello there,

For more information on this error, you can read this article.

Check this #CommunityTip for the resolution as well.

I see when your bare domain is trying to be reached, it tries & in fact, yes, it redirects to In this process, there’s a failure & when refreshed, it works. Check your records.

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