Please help me verify my account

I have sent in a support request that I cannot verify my email address “root (at) a (dot) mysite (dot) name (dot) my”

I have two ticket ids. Both of my Ticket ID is [2704416] and Ticket ID: [2704044]. Please help me receive the verification email.

Thank you.

I do not see those emails bouncing, but I do see they are delayed. I’ll merge your tickets and add myself to the proper one. Some options here if you’re still having trouble,

cloonan, I clicked on verify my email in the Cloudflare dashboard but I do not get any email. I noticed “notify” has only IPV4 support, while my mail server, “A [dot] MYDNS [dot] MYSITE [dot] NAME [dot] MY” has an AAAA record pointing to an IPV6 number.

I am able to receive emails from Gmail, Outlook, and even Migadu as they are all dual stack. Is it possible for Cloudflare to support IPV6 on its notify mail server? I did try to email postmaster [dot] notify [dot] Cloudflare [dot] com and the email bounced as my ISP is IPV6 only.

Cloudflare must try to be dual stack as I am on an IPV6 only network.

Thanks for creating a ticket, an agent has responded to it and we will continue our support there.

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Dear Cloudflare support.

I have managed to debug the problem and it is because Cloudflare’s mail server notify DOT Cloudflare DOT com does not support IPV6. As my email address root AT a DOT mydns DOT mysite DOT name DOT my is IPV6 only, I had problems receiving the verification email. However, I did a simple “trick” by using improvmx to get an IPV4 mx and then I received the verification email. Then, I discontinued improvmx. Currently, this is the only way to workaround as Cloudflare does not support IPV6 on the notify server.