Please help me to downgrade my plan

Hi, a while back I upgraded my plan to try out Cloudflare Workers now I’d like to switch back.

When I try to do so I get this message “To downgrade your plan, you’ll first need to delete all of your Durable Objects.”

I have one worker, as far as I can tell it no longer has a durable object associated with it (though I could be wrong?)

But when I try to delete that worker via the web UI i get the message "script still in use by a durable object namespace (Code: 10064) " so apparently there’s a durable object somewhere that I can’t get rid of.

Please help!
I’ve been plugging away at this for days with no luck. I feel like I’m going round in circles and cloudflare support repeatedly auto-closed my ticket I raise telling me I need to be on the paid workers plan… so maybe I’m not actually on the plan but somehow I’m still being charged $5 a month?

Try sending an email to: support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email address associated with your account. You should get a reply with a ticket number. Post that number in a reply here.

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If you ping the API do you see any namespaces? You can call the API with this cURL command:

curl -X GET "<ACCOUNT_ID>/workers/durable_objects/namespaces" \
     -H "X-Auth-Email: <EMAL>" \
     -H "X-Auth-Key: <KEY>"

witht that API request I get the follwoing response…

  "result": [
      "id": "43a5be796d5744ef89acbb3431416c92",
      "name": "dice-table_Counter",
      "script": "dice-table",
      "environment": "production",
      "class": "Counter"
  "success": true,
  "errors": [],
  "messages": []

Yep so there is indeed a namespace there. We can delete it through the API with the following:

curl -X DELETE "<ACCOUNT_ID>/workers/durable_objects/namespaces/43a5be796d5744ef89acbb3431416c92" \
     -H "X-Auth-Email: <EMAIL>" \
     -H "X-Auth-Key: <KEY>"

@WalshyMVP I could kiss you, you fabulous orange blob!
Thankyou, that seems to have done the trick.


Haha great!

The DO management is not great right now and really relies on people cleaning up through Wrangler. Hopefully, it becomes available through the web UI soon. For now, undocumented endpoints are our best friend haha


That seems like an ( :orangeblob: ) spot-on description


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