Please help me solve the problem of my domain name

My domain name has been transferred from aliyun to cloudflare.
Because of the previous use of cloudflare’s dns parsing server, now the addition of the site prompts me to modify dns, how to do it?


Follow the steps. See the image you’ve posted.

Except it sounds like Cloudflare is now their registrar, and they can’t change name servers.

So…if Cloudflare is the registrar, I’d recommend opening a Support Ticket for Registrar issues to have them take a look at the name server issue.


I think you misunderstand, my former registrant is aliyun, I have migrated the domain name from aliyun to cloudflare, but still let me modify whois, I can’t modify this dns from cloudflare!

Note before reading: replace the following’_ ‘with’.’
My domain name was previously in the aliyun registrar, and the nameservers configured at that time was the old content of cloudflare, namely lana_ns_cloudflare_com and scott_ns_cloudflare_com.
Now that I have migrated the domain name to cloudflare, I have no way to modify the nameservers of the domain name. Please change it to.

  1. Nameserver 1: harlan_ns_cloudflare_com.
  2. Nameserver 2: kiki_ns_cloudflare_com.
    My domain name is, please deal with it as soon as possible!
    Thank you!

Please open a ticket using the following directions:


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