Please help me secure my webpage

My website is not secure and I asked my web guy to take care of it. He sent me this and it’s like a different language. Can someone give me a little help? Thanks

I was reviewing this and seen this for the SSL. I enabled it on my end before, but there is another step that you guys need to do due to Cloudflare because the
domain name is not using our nameservers, which is a requirement for this option. In order for me to have the SSL here on my end you’d need to point the nameservers here, vs. to
the Cloudflare set up. I’m sure they can assist with that.

Hi @drczys, Cloudflare offers Free Universal SSL as part of your account, it’s a click to enable. What your IT person is asking you to do is change the name servers away from Cloudflare, that is certainly an option, but it does not seem like the best/easiest path. If you’re comfortable sharing the not-secure domain name, the community may be able to offer some other suggestions.

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Thank You. Can you tell me where I can go to click and enable it? My site is Thank You

On the SSL/TLS app, you’ll see the ssl options. Digging in a bit, looks like you have two issues.

First, I did a quick check, it is already enabled. That means you have ssl turned on for that domain, but I don’t think you’re routing traffic through Cloudflare, that issue is something to do with your DNS settings. Next, if I go directly to, I see there is a valid certificate but a mixed content issue (in Chrome, small shield to right side of address bar). More digging needed…

Thanks. What kind of digging needs to be done?

A general question, do you know if the site ever loaded securely and if so, when did it stop?

Next, I’d try with a simple thing first, on the SSL/TLS app, can you turn on Always Use https and then visit the site?

The domain does point to Cloudflare, but the hosts are not proxied. That per se is not a problem and the site is actually “secure”. The warning you get is because of “mixed content” (as @cloonan already pointed out) and that derives from three images you are still loading via HTTP instead of HTTPS.


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