Please help me, My domain is redirecting to subdomain automatically

Im using a vps with vestacp control panel, and using Cloudflare as DNS, everyghing was working well but now if I add a new domain this one is redirecting automatically to a sub domain already I have and I dont want this.

anyone knows how to fix this??

Thank you in advanced!

already erase the sub domain and now is redirecting to another domain, you could see

That page is not loading for me at all. Is it correct? is loading for me. It looks like VestaCP’s default parked domain page.

Keep in mind that VestaCP sets a default domain as the first domain listed in…some conf file I can’t remember. Google “VestaCP default domain” for more info.

Any non-configured (sub)domain listed with your server’s IP address will show the default domain’s content.

thanks for all replay but already fixed!!