Please help me i'm so worried


my website majority visits are from proxy and Junk (Old devices) users so i want to disable the firewall to never ever block a visitor what so ever even it’s a bot to let that user in

so could you please let me know what is the settings should if i don’t want to block any user ?

right now i’m already seeing around 200 visits minus the regular visits on my website

and all is that is because i just upgraded to Pro just to make my website faster but i don’t any firewall settings what so ever i want everything to disabled can someone please let me know how to do that ?

please help me all of my visits are paid and they all are proxy and bot and junk (old devices) users

please help me ASAP

Thank you so much

waiting for your reply



first of all this is not a recommended configuration, at all.

Now, the Pro upgrade isn’t really adding speed (except for image optimization and some small TCP optimizations), but it’s adding the Web Application Firewall. To make sure that security is as low as you can go you’ll inside Firewall > Settings a dropdown, se that to “Essentially Off”.

Basically check all settings within the Firewall section and tune them to your liking. I repeat though, this is NOT RECOMMENDED.


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