PLEASE HELP ME! I',m locked up

Please Help Me.
I’ll first tell you what I did.

  1. I’ve created Cloudflare account. Added my one free website. Added SSL after following all the steps. Everything was working good.

  2. I changed DNS to Cloudflare’s nameservers.

  3. SSL got applied successfully to my wordpress website.

  4. I opened Admin panel of my wordpress site. Added plugin Cloudflare flexible SSL, Cloudflare plugin.

  5. Everything worked perfect.

  6. I accessed my website and fonts were missing. I realized it was mix match issue and then installed one more wordpress plugin to make it correct. myFree SSL

  7. Then I go to my site and checked the website is taking too much time to respond. And, from here it all started.

After this, I was unable to login to my wordpress panel, not able to login to my hosting account, not able to check out my site. There were all Cloudflare errors. 502, 524 and so on.

Then, I logged in to my Cloudflare account and deleted the website.

After that, I was able to login to my hosting account. I changed the nameservers to default again.

But, now, I cannot access my website. NOT AT ALL. It’s showing me SSL_SECURITY_ERROR.

What should I do? I’m all locked up. Please help.

If you’ve changed your name servers back to your original ones from your web host, you will have to contact them for help regarding your website.

The biggest problem is that your website probably didn’t have SSL in the first place. You need to get your site up and running at your web host exactly the way you want it running, which includes HTTPS. Once that’s done, you can add it to Cloudflare and it will be much easier to manage.

In addition, if you need specific help with your website, you need to post the domain name.

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