Please help me fix error code 521 for my website


My website is through Word Press and I’m unable to log in now due to this 521 error code. Please advise what I need to do to fix this.

Hi, Jake!

The 521 error code means that the server is down, its firewall is blocking Cloudflare, or there’s an issue with its SSL certificate.

I recommend checking details and more info on this article about 521 errors:

If the issue continues or get any other error code after following the steps provided in the article please respond to this same post (share some screenshots with the error also help) in that way we can further help you!

Thanks, Yen. How can I tell if a server is down, WordPress’s firewall is blocking Cloudflare or there’s an issue with its SSL certificate?

I frankly don’t understand what this language means. I’m unable to log into my WordPress, so I’m limited with troubleshooting from WordPress.

Is there something from Cloudflare that will help me with this?


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