Please help me! Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned


My website wasnt working and i decided to delete de dns records on cloudflare, delete the domain and start all over again. For my surprise, when i entered the domain, there was no dns record (unlike the first time you register a domain, that comes with a lot of records).

Now i get the error 1014, which i had never seen. Im reading that it is related with having multiple accounts. I only have one account and the domain is mine.

Can anyone help me please? Im getting desperate and i dont know how to solve it, plus i need it to work…

Cloudflare imports the records from your previous DNS previder. As you no longer had a DNS provider when you added the domain again, there were also no records to import.

This means that the content (target) of your CNAME record is a domain that does not belong to you but to a different Cloudflare account.
Your website probably has a tutorial for adding custom domains. I recommend you just follow all the steps from that.

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