Please help me connect the site

Hello. please help me connect the site. My hosting says that the records should remain with the domain: , , ,
because the domain is registered in company A, and this domain is linked to hosting B

In order to use cloudflare, you need to remove those nameservers and have just the two assigned by cloudflare after you +Add a website.

If company A is your registrar, after you add the webite to cloudflare, ask them to change the nameservers.

If company B is your hosting provider ask them for the IP address of your origin server and enter that as the value of the A (for Address) record named @ (or your website name). Go here to enter that value if it is not already correctly reflected there,

good afternoon. thank you. I did everything as you said, but to no avail

Thank you all. I found and solved the error. The hosting for my domain had an active ssl certificate, I disabled it and the site started working!

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