Please help me ASAP i'm Losing Money!


my Adsense ads is getting changed with Random number

meaning my ad codes from Adsense get extra like digit number added to the ad codes everytime i refresh the page check this screen shot right here

i’m talking about this domain and it’s Pro Plan as well

this digit number is keep changing when i refresh the page and it’s BREAKING the code from ADsense which off-course means that none is seeing the ads that we are displaying so none is making money

and i already spoke with Google Adsense and Support from Google ADX and they all agreed that this is the problem none is seeing our ads so please let me know is there is any tool here from Cloudflare is responsible for these digits to show up and break our codes everytime someone visits the website ?

please advise us why our Ad codes is keep getting broken by this random number that’s being Auto generated automatically when i refresh the page

i’m talking about this domain 247Age(Dot)com and it’s Pro Plan as well

waiting for your reply

Did you make any changes just before this started happening? Couple of things to try, if you pause cloudflare, does the problem still occur? Next, if you turn off Rocket Loader, does the problem still occur?

Finally, let Support know to see if they can assist. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

OMG it’s was Rocket Loader WOOOOOOW

yes it’s Rocket Loader

so what i should do to fix this ? cause as far as i know that Rocket Loader improves the speed of the loading of the website right ?

so is there is anyway we can stopping it from doing such a thing like it hurts my Adsense revenue so bad like i am not making anything at all

so please Advise me what to do how to keep benefiting from Rocket Loader while keep showing our Ads

waiting for your reply

Thank you so much for your Amazing Help i really appreciate it


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:dancing_men: fantastic. Yes, you could bypass the scripts that are messing with adsense and still run rocket loader. :running_man: to desktop to find details…

If you can limit it to a handful of scripts that you can bypass, hopefully you still get some benefit running rocket loader for the others. LMK how it works out, sorry for the issues.

Man really can’t thank you enough

it’s was only 9 Ad codes so i added data-cfasync=“false” attribute to all of these 9 and everything works perfectly right now

really can’t thank you enough

Thank you so much for your Great help and support i really appreciate it

have a very nice day

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