Please help ! I cannot receive emails

Hello everyone.
I am new around here.
I updated my DNS information from GoDaddy as guided by a youtube channel. Nevertheless, I cant receive emails at “[email protected]”. I will show my DNS configuration to see if someone can give me a hand. I am frustrated.

Thanks for time, patience and help in advance.

Carlos Cifuentes.

Hi @carlos.cifuentes91,

You seem to have two MX records. One pointing to which is :orange: so that won’t work. The other points to Outlook - if they are your mail provider, I would suggest you don’t need the second MX record pointing to

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Hi @domjh,

First, I would like to thank you to stop by my comment. The truth is that “[email protected]” was my email provider, but I decided to quit them. This is because I had to pay for a plug in named “WordPress MSTP”, in order to maintain the interface between WooCommerce and Outlook. That being said, I should delete the “outlook” one instead of the " right??
I will wait for your response because I don’t want to mess up more my DNS settings.

Many kinds,

Carlos Cifuentes

No problem!

Certainly if you are no longer using Outlook, you can delete the MX record pointing there.

Are your emails now hosted by the same people that your website is, or have you moved to a different email provider?

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I moved the email towards the Cpanel, trying to connect the account to a gmail account. At the moment, I am checking the email with “webmail”. Any other free email provider you recommend? To be honest, right know I can’t afford paying an email provider at the moment to get “” emails.
I will go ahead and delete outlook MX record.

This is how it looks like now my DNS settings. Any other advise? What’s the next step?

That’s OK. If you’re using cPanel email, I would delete the other Outlook records, looks like quite a few are related. In terms of getting your email working with cPanel, next to the A record called ‘mail’, click the :orange: to turn it :grey: as you can’t proxy email through Cloudflare.

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This is how it looks now. (green circle= what I changed). Should I delete the “red circle” ones?..

I logged in into the Cpanel, and FINALLYYY it’s working! I am receiving mails. Thank you so much @domjh . You are the best!!!

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That looks OK. Glad it’s working for you now :slight_smile:

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For future people, the error is due to proxying your mail server behind cloudflare.

Simply un-proxy your mail related records (DNS Only) and your emails will work again.

Hi @user7843,

Yes, which was what the resolution was in this thread:

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