Please help I am not sure what is not working!


Just signed up for a new IPS with no default filtering options. We have a Technicolor router. Basically I have added the two DNS servers for ipv4 given by Cloudflare to my router DNS Server list but my router doesn’t allow the DNS server for ipv6 to be modified. I have added DNS and HTTP based policies to block adult sites but this doesn’t seem to be working. I have tried for hours now and don’t really know what to do.
Could anyone please point me at the right direction as I am really baffled as to what to do?

You mean you tried using Introducing for Families ( on your router?

If you can’t use an IPv6 DNS then I suggest you disable IPv6 altogether on your router. Services will still be available through IPv4 and you get the filtering you need.

Mind you anyone can still change the DNS configuration on their own devices, effectively bypassing the router so this is not a complete solution. You need to talk to people in the house/location to make sure they understand why this filter is in place and get their commitment to not intentionally bypass it.

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