Please help, fronts not loading

help me please with this problem, speeding up my site with

You specified somewhere on your site as URL. That cannot work as that host will obviously never serve anything for your domain. Remove that URL from your site configuration.

I’d also strongly urge you to check out as you seem to be confused on what Cloudflare does/is.

my site adess

I actually - for once - did not ask for your domain :wink:

You need to follow through with the advice you got, this is not a Cloudflare issue I am afraid.

And again, check out mentioned site.

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Plus, your encryption mode on Cloudflare is insecure as your server certificate expired a month ago.

You should renew your certificate and change to “Full strict”.

sorry, I was expecting help from other users how to face with my problem, that’s the reason I provide site adress. About remuving url from my site I’m confused, because I didint add it, I change autooptimise plugin with Fast Velocity Minify

You need to talk to your web developer then. That URL comes from your site and needs to be removed there.

Also, fix your server certificate.

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