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My web site is Classified website. When user visit my website they can see their own country map, Country Flag, Their products , i mean user can see their all by country wise.

After Using Cloud Flare i have faced few problems :
When user come from Asian country they see only Singapore Map and product. where AS who are from India they should see all Indian. but it default on Singapore. please see this 20 second video.

Advance thanks

I am using Cloudflare free vision. I have faced some major problems after adding my website at Cloudflare. Please advice,
My website is user-friendly that mean . When user login my website the have seen their own country flag.its shown IP wise. and its shown automatically by their own country IP. Like if i am from Bangladesh when i brows my website i can see my country flag. Who are from India They will see indian Flag.but after using cloud flare its shown default Singapore flag and country , If I brows from Bangladesh i seen Singapore flag. May be its DNS problem. Its Problem is only creating from Asian Country.
See the Video:
Actually when user brows my website they can their own Flag.
my website is
please help

You would probably have to rely on a Country Code header to restore this. Or perhaps your server hasn’t restored Visitor IP address.

this problem is creating some times not always , If i clean Browser it will work . May be you have seen Browqer

So you want a default country? How do you establish a user’s country? This is purely a server-side issue, not DNS related, not Cloudflare related. At max you have the rewrite IP address, since you appear to tunnel everything through Cloudflare.

Dear Sir thanks reply ,
its work fine when i was directly in server , after using cloud flare this problems is arising . is my website. Please find below my website real nature.

  1. It’s a classified website worldwide.
  2. When user/customer/anyone brows to my website. My website firstly track user IP and shown their own country flag, their map, also their own country product which is available on that county.

After using cloud flare. I have faced below problem.

  1. For the Asian country like Bangladesh, India, Philippine its shown location Singapore. I mean when user/customer brows my website they see only Singapore’s Flag and Product. User who are from Asian county they faced this problem. Also Sometimes its work nicely. But this problem is arising 8/10 times for a day. Like now Bangladesh. After cleaning browser and reload page Singapore which is created after using new hosting.

Please see the Video :

You probably dont rewrite IP addresses and always use the ones of the connecting Cloudflare datacentre. Check out the links @sdayman posted.

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