Please help error 1000

Hello! I have no idea what any of this is! I am trying to just secure my website but when I click on my site this is what it reads…

Please help me out with what my next steps should be in a very basic way! Like you’re explaining it to a kindergartner!

Thank you!

That means the IP address you put into the DNS page here doesn’t match the IP address your web host has assigned to you. Where is your site hosted? And if you click on the :orange: for that DNS record so it’s :grey:, does it work?

Hello! Thank you. My host is namecheap and I did click the orange cloud to grey and it is the same. I can double check the IP address.

nameservers are a perfect match too.

You haven’t posted the hostname so we can double-check, but if setting it to :grey: doesn’t fix it, then your DNS records aren’t correct.

Hello! My website is showing an error 1000. THIS is what I have entered in my namecheap account for the main servers. Can you tell me if I’m doing this right please?

Thank you.

Hi @athomewithchristine,

Have you, by any chance, moved the domain from one Cloudflare account to another? That is one of the most common causes. More info here:

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Never had a cloudflare account before this.

Ok, have a look at the article I linked to and if you still can’t get it sorted, can you post your domain name and a screenshot of the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard?

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I am so sorry this is all like a foreign language to me. I did not design my site. Here is my DNS records…

Those IP addresses belong to Cloudflare. Assuming you didn’t add all those records, they must have been imported when you signed up.

You will need the IP address of your server (you can get this from your hosting provider) and can then remove the records pointing to Cloudflare and set one pointing to your host.

You will most likely want to delete the ones I have highlighted the delete button here and replace the ones I have underlined in red with the IP address of your server.

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