Please help: DNS points to prohibited IP

Hey everyone.

I am trying to connect my cloudflare domain name: coachmanhq (dot) com to my bubble application / website.

Bubble requested that I add A records to my cloudflare account. As requested, I added the following A records to my cloudflare account. See screenshot below:

It’s been over 48 hours now, and this is the error message I receive when going to coachmanhq (dot) com

Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP

I read previous articles about this but it’s not making sense to me.

Some suggested that I update the IP address to my origin web sever IP Address. Where would I get my origin web sever IP address from?

Anyhoo, hoping someone can help me figure out a fix for this!

Thank you

Ira Curry

Your DNS setup looks wrong to anyone familiar with Cloudflare, which is why the posts you’re finding don’t make sense and why you got the suggestion of using your origin server’s IP address.

But, while I’d never heard of Bubble before, according to their documentation they are using some kind of integrated setup with Cloudflare, and what you’ve done may actually be correct. They have you pointing to Cloudflare IP addresses with “DNS only” set.

Ensure you haven’t turned on the proxy mode – the entries must be :grey: and not :orange:, which is already how they are in your screenshot.

Beyond that, I suspect you’ll have better luck asking Bubble about this as they would be familiar with how their Cloudflare setup works and people here likely aren’t.

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Thank you for your reply.

It looks like you may be following obsolete instructions for legacy customers.

Hey, would you mind explaining what you mean by that? Thank you for your reply!

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In revisiting that guide to try to offer your requested clarification, I wonder if I may have misunderstood it. I took the Legacy Customer warning as applicable to the section that immediately followed it and that may not be the case. It is probably best to ask over in their forum.

Ah, I see. Thank you!

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