Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains


I’m trying to use de “add site” function for my newest domain, but i’m getting the “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains”. My domain is and it’s properly active:

Please, can anyone help me?


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same problem

You will need to contact support at [email protected]. only launched yesterday, so Cloudflare probably does not know about that yet. Either wait a couple of days (until they refresh the data) or open a support ticket.

I’ve sent an email to who I think is responsible for this in Cloudflare looking for information on how often they pull updates from the Public Suffix List Github repo. Will update here when/if I get a response. These changes landed on the 17th July, and it might be a weekly pull, so perhaps wait a few days is the easiest solution.

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Our systems will be updated soon. It is not a fully automated process, but we are aware of the updates to the list.

You always handle the list manually? I would have imagined it is automatically parsed. Just not every five minutes of course :slight_smile:

Also, @cloonan, Garrett needs the CF tag.

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Yep, have reached out to @garrett.galow to make it so. Thank you, @sandro

Thew new domains have been added (I believe it went out yesterday).

Also yes, I’ve had some issues with my work community account which @cloonan is helping me with.

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