Please enable R2 through the Cloudflare Dashboard. [code: 10042]

Hi Cloudflare!

I am a new user that was registered a few days ago.

When I try to open the section: “R2 → Overview”, I always see a subscription request, but I already have one. So, I can’t create a new bucket or list anything into the section.

I tried to use wrangler to create r2 bucket and I got the message:
Please enable R2 through the Cloudflare Dashboard. [code: 10042]

This problem occurs many times on your forum and apparently requires manual correction by support each time. I assume that dozens or hundreds of users have been and may be affected by this problem in the future.

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I already have a ticket #3132804.

@jochen, @SarahA Could you look at my issue?



I’m sorry that you’re having issues, but I’ll be glad to assist you.

We’re already handling ticket #3132804. Please rest assured that we’ll provide you with an update as soon as possible. Keep an eye on your email for updates from us.

Best regards,

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