Please enable cookies

This is my first Cloudflare thing and I am pretty lost. I have lots of experience with other Serverless platforms but this has me scratching my head so far. Any help would be appreciated

Trying out the QR code tutorial.

I have it running and I can use the Web Interface to generate a QR code.

However I am trying to use POSTMAN to make a Post Request to get the qrcode and I get an error every time.

It says “Please enable cookies.”

I have no idea what this means, or why I need cookies. It also tells em to log into Cloudflare and check the error logs. But I can’t find Logs or Error Logs anywhere in my account.

What should I do next?



Hey @todd10, that’s really interesting! I’m not super familiar with Postman so it may be an application thing: have you tried running a cURL command or using a different request tool to confirm that it’s your function/Workers deploy, and not the tool?

Here’s a cURL command you could test out (you should update the URL to your deployment of this function) - note that it also will write out the returned data to a QR image, so you should be able to open it with an image viewer and confirm it’s a non-corrupted image:

curl '' --data-binary '{"text":""}' > qr.png

Yup that helps. Postman is sending a bunch of headers and cookies that are getting in the way. So stripping that ■■■■ out and just using cURL produces the expected result.



Not working for me, even with curl i get the message “Please enable cookies.”