Please compress static content with brotli level 11


I have brotli enabled on my cloudflare website, but the received brotli compressed javascript file is much larger than when I compress the file with brotli level 11 on my machine. I assume this is because you are not using level 11 of brotli compression. In my case the javascript file is 124 kb when gzipped with zopfli, 106 kb when compressed with brotli level 11, but 119 kb when served with brotli by cloudflare.

This doesn’t make any sense to me since I believe level 11 is strictly superior to lower levels for static content. It is slightly slower to compress but this doesn’t matter when serving static content which does not need to be compressed at runtime.

Turn it up to eleven

Since cloudflare messes with the Accept-encoding header we’re also prevented from sniffing browser support for brotli on the server (?). This effectively prevents any use of brotli level 11 on a site using cloudflare.

Could you fix this by compressing brotli files with level 11 for static content? If that’s not possible maybe there is some other solution like letting your users serve their own brotli compressed files?

PS. If someone knows of a good workaround I would love to hear it!