Please Clarify What Cloudflare Does for Your Domain Name

About two years ago when I set up my cloudfare account, I was hosting my domain name through GoDaddy …
sometime later (I believe… i think) that Cloudfare gave me the option to renew my domain name through their site rather than GoDaddy… which I did.

The main goal of this domain name is/was to redirect to a facebook page. That worked for a couple years (and no changes that I made) but now Im getting the code 523 error.

Upon going to my CF account and looking at the DNS settings, the IPv4 address seems to be a GoDaddy address. I’ve looked through the support docs but have only gotten more confused in regards to what CF actually does and offers.

QUESTION: Did I misunderstand the relationship between GoDaddy and CF? Was my domain name still registered at GoDaddy although I had thought I made the switch?
How can I resolve the issue so that I can simply own the domain name and have it do nothing more than forward to an existing website?

Thank you for your patience with my lack of understanding of the mechanics.



Hello, welcome to the community!

First of all, if you transfered your domain to Cloudflare, then GoDaddy doesn’t have anything to do with your domain anymore (unless you have other services with them, such as web hosting or email hosting). You could create (correct me if I’m wrong) an proxied A record with target, and a proxied AAAA record with target 2606:4700:4700::1111, both of them for the same domain/subdomain. Then, you should be able to make a 301 redirect using Cloudflare Page Rules.

Also, if you need more help, we would suggest (if you don’t mind) to post that domain name, so that we can analyze if everything is correct, and assist you better.

Hope it helps!

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