Please Argo In Simple Terms

Hi guys,

Sorry i already read some of article about it but didn’t quite understand the meaning of it.
Can you tell me what is it? What benefit if you use it?


  1. Argo is like Cloudflare making sure all connections to your site go over the fastest phone lines by staying on Cloudflare’s dedicated lines that span the globe.
  2. If someone needs a cached file for your site that’s not on their local Cloudflare server, Cloudflare will look for that file in a Cloudflare cache nearby before going all the way back to your server for it.
  3. Argo Tunnel: Using the phone analogy, your server will have a dedicated phone line direct into the nearest Cloudflare data center. This is faster and stops people from sidestepping Cloudflare to get to your site.

This is a rough approximation, and is not to imply that some Cloudflare cable guy is out there running special wires just for you…it’s all done through dedicated routing.


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