Please advise what this means

My problem of not getting all my mail through continues. I have finally caught one of the e.mails where I get an explanation… such as it is:

Does this mean that it was rejected by my service provider or by Cloudflare?

In the last month 7% of my e.mails have not been received at my end.

The issue is with the receiving email server, not cloudflare. You should contact your email service provider for help to see what in the message caused the violation.

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Thank you, I contacted my provider and told them of the problem. I know I’m not getting any e.mails sent to me by eBay, by a couple of the forums I use and so on and now I’ve been able to tell them that it’s their fault and not a problem with Cloudflare.

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Let us know how it works out.

Oddly enough, that’s exactly what someone else said…

He’s been onforwarding one forum’s weekly digest to me, but he’s getting that as a moderator while he’s also not receiving them on his regular e.mail.

I hope I get an answer soon, it’s already been a few days.

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