Please Advise for Installing Origin Certificate at SiteGround

Hello, I’m confused on the wording of the letter sent to me regarding you Authenticated Origin Pulls feature. I’m scratching my head about what that means. I confirmed with my host tech support that they agree they are the Origin Host.

The host is SiteGround. Do you have a strategy for working with them? They think we are talking about the SSL but this is not that, this is your certificate. Or is it installed at my account at Cloudflare?

Thank you!

This has come up a lot and you probably don’t need to take any action, really really sorry for the confusion. The quick check is if you’ve enable Authenticated Origin Pulls at all, if not, no action. I did a quick check of domains in your account and only see it enabled for the domain ending in a y.

You can check by going to**YOURDOMAINNAMEHERE**/ssl-tls/origin. Or, SSl/TLS app → Origin Server tab.

Discussed here, Authenticated Origin Pulls feature.

Thanks, yes, that’s the one (ending in y) where I’ve received the message from Cloudflare. Is it acceptable to turn off the ‘Authenticated Origin Pulls’ toggle? Would that make a mess of things, would I need to change something else if that were changed?

Earlier today I created the certificate but the host does not seem interested in installing it. They instead say the site is protected by Let’s Encrypt which is not due until Feb 11, 2020.

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+1 to turning off. If you’d not gone though the cert creation process before, you won’t be affected by switching off.

OK. I Toggled it off and there were no bad things. Thanks so much. Reading in the community can either be helpful or confusing. I’m grateful for your direct help.

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