Please add the option to change Cloudflare Data Center

Please add the option to change Cloudflare Data Center. trying to access blocked sites in Turkey while using results in a SSL Handshake fail when connecting over the Istanbul Data Center

If you’re referring to the WARP VPN product, it uses the same routing methods as other Cloudflare products: “Closest” datacenter, as determined by your ISP. If you’re trying to evade a local Internet block, you’ll need to switch to a VPN product designed for exit node selection.


Yes i’m referring to WARP VPN, I’m trying to post on 4chan, which blocks all VPN’s from posting on the site
Since my ISP uses deep packet inspection i cant access the site by changing my DNS
only way i found that allows me to post on 4chan is Cloudflare WARP
but that only works when i’m connected to a server outside of Turkey
when i first downloaded the app it connected to the Romanian server 24/7 which allowed me to post on 4chan
but since the last month it started connecting to Istanbul Server more and more
it connects to the Romanian server for a few days and then switches back to Istanbul
it stays connected to the Istanbul server for a few weeks and then switches back to Romanian server

Not sure if it’s worth commenting here… but… I don’t think Cloudflare is the solution to your problem.

My recommendation would be to rent a cheap VPS in a civilized country (for some adequate definition of the term), and install openvpn/wireguard/shadowsocks/etc. there.

As noted above by @sdayman, Cloudflare’s VPN has a different, purely technical (vs. political/…), focus.

No. Edge traffic in Turkey is never supposed to be filtered by ISPs. Cloudflare is a corporation, not an individual subscriber of an ISP. From Istanbul DC, their transit Turk Telekom filters edge traffic (which should never happen) and thus blocks access from edge to origins that should normally be the case only with local subscribers of ISPs. Cloudflare should do something about that.

Technically speaking, Cloudflare transports traffic inbound via Cogent, outbound via multiple ISPs depending on the inbound local ISP. That’s Turk Telekom International with Turk Telekom broadband and their mobile subsidiary, Seabone with (or Vodafone, not sure). As you may guess, Seabone traffic is never filtered, meaning some ISPs can still access those websites on Warp because the outgoing transit that Cloudflare is picking for them is not filtering stuff.

Maybe just subscribe for Windscribe VPN would be an easier option.

Maybe. The OP said “I’m trying to post on 4chan, which blocks all VPN’s from posting on the site,” so my assumption would be that any known VPN provider (I don’t know what Windscribe is, but I suppose it’s a VPN provider) will be blocked. In such cases having your own self-hosted VPN may solve the problem.

(But as far as I can tell the whole thread is off-topic, so I’ll stop here)

I have found a temporary solution to this problem.
WARP+ works fine on 4chan, I can view and post
I dont know how long this is going to last though
It may give SSL errors like the standart WARP in the future
It is also very unstable. I have to reset the app every 2 hours

VPS doesnt work on 4chan either
VPS doesnt work, VPN doesnt work, TOR doesnt work
GoodbyeDPI doesnt work, Firefox ESNI doesnt work

If you guys have more ideas please do tell

I dont know if you guys can do anything with this data but this is what i get when i’m connected to WARP+

I know i’m probably being ignorant and dumb here but is there a way you guys can compare this with standart WARP and find a solution?

That’s not guaranteed to work. Because on Warp+, Cloudflare activates Argo Smart Routing which causes some application level traffic to be proxied through other PoPs with clear access to those censored websites with less congestion and better route to the destination. Web traffic is included. But that’s not guaranteed to always be the way.

It works roughly something like this with Warp+:

You ------> CF Istanbul (------> Some other CF PoP with uncensored access) ------> 4chan

------>: represents the flow of traffic
The part between parantheses is totally transparent to you.

yeah it doesnt work always
but getting it to work is quite easy
clearing the dns cache or changing browsers works %90 of the time