Please add rule to RESPECT the original response Headers!

Cloudflare happily alters, removes and creates response Headers depending on the user agent without any remorse whatsoever.

For example, Content-Length is created for IE browsers, and not for Firefox.

However, you forgot that certain programs, such as those which rely on the Microsoft Internet Transfer Control might be expecting this content-length header to ensure content was found. But Cloudflare persists in deleting my header which was specificaly set by PHP on the server, breaking entirely the file download functionality for the clients.

Please be so kind to create a new Page Rule called “Preserve Response Headers” so our users CAN RECEIVE THE HEADERS WE SENT on the URLs we add to the rules.

The result of your current scheme? None of my programs can check for updates nor update themselves, because Content-Length is always deleted by Cloudflare.

The following article might help:

It seems that if you create a page rule to cache the content then Content-Length will be added to the response, or have your origin send HTTP/1.0 as the protocol.

OK, I’ve added the Cache rule and content-length now appears in Firefox. However, it’s not received by the Internet Transfer Control which persists in receiving 0.

In fact the request does not even arrive to the server, because it’s not logged, so CF is blocking the entire request to begin. All possible Security rules to this URL in CF have been disabled, but the problem persists.

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