Please add DKIM selector & domain to DMARC Management report view

On the DMARC Management tool’s report list where it shows columns for DMARC/SPF/DKIM pass/fail, please add another column for the DKIM selector that was used, and probably the DKIM domain too.

Other DMARC reporting services provide that info and it’s helpful for tracking down why a certain DKIM isn’t passing for the same service. Eg, several different AWS SES or SendGrid accounts in use for the same domain.

Recent example situation: I noticed an issue where a prior DNS migration missed a DKIM record, and the delivery service was signing with their own DKIM domain instead. Their UI at first said the DKIM record was fine, but after more investigation I discovered it was missing. Having the selector/domain in the report would’ve helped a little bit, and later to help confirm all emails are indeed signed with the correct DKIM record.



I really think this feature request should be taken into consideration. We have an account with Keap for CRM and I’d like to know if the new sources popping up on my dashboard with DKIM status passed are coming from the keys of Keap or another one.

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