Please, add bypass for Super Bot Fight Mode


I need bypass Super Bot Fight block/challenge for some subdomain/URL.
Please, add option in Firewall Rules action Bypass for bypassing Super Bot Fight blocking or challenging. Will be nice to have two different bypess option, one for " Definitely automated", another for " Likely automated"
Also, firewall action “Allow” don’t applied for “Super Bot Fight” block settings, IMHO allow must be applied to all Firewall rules and allow traffic.

Thank you.


I completely agree.
Firewall rules should apply to super bot.
In my case, several important elements of my website are blocked, such as the MercadoPago API (payment gateway) and the wordpress cron, among other elements.

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I have no opinion but you can simply turn off bot fight mode if your having issues with it

Not a bad idea: I had few issue with this tool too because it’s mistakenly blocking Google’s AMP validation causing it to fail the test. It’s a great tool but it might needs to be tuned a bit.

I agree, or a way to have vendors be added to a personal verified bot list.

Same issue for us, we activated super fight bot mode and discovered some block we would like to avoid on some specific path.
We tried a firewall rule to always allow this path, we see it executed : Allow from Firewall rules, then block from Firewall: Managed.
With the current limitation we will deactivate the super fight mode as it’s not usable for us.

You can ask your vendor to fullfill this form :

I run a good bot and want for it to be added to the allowlist ( cf.bot_management.verified_bot ). What should I do?

It doesn’t work for small operations - or RSS feed readers for example.

Also, I have seen cases of existing Known Bots being blocked by SBFM.

A firewall Bypass option would allow you to control some of these.

To no suprise, I have the exactly same issue.

This feature is completely useless unless they add a “Bypass” option in the firewall for it. My API traffic and other legitimate traffic is being blocked!!

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Could you describe your API traffic being blocked?
Is it an google play store app?

Not Google play but from my software. I use a specific user agent which I’ve whitelisted in CloudFlare but no bypass option for fight mode sadly.

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