Please active " is not yet active on Cloudflare"

Hi, i’m register on Cloudflare some days. And i changed DNS to
Nameserver 1

Nameserver 2

for 2 days.

It says “It may take up to 24 hours for your registrar to process this change. Once processed, your site will become active on Cloudflare. You will receive an email to confirm when your status is updated”.

But now, i dont receive any mail and my website can not active. Please tell me how to active or need purchase pro. My plan is FREE.

Thanks so much and sorry for my bad english !

You have created NS records at your host, instead of changing the nameservers at your registrar. You need to do the latter, otherwise it cant work.

thanks u first. i changed NS record at my domain management.

You need to change it at your registrar. Contact them and clarify where the right place is.

i did it. Thanks so much!

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