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First of all I want to say i don’t know anything about web technicality, DNS,SSL…all I know is that i paid someone to make a website and he took the ssl from cloudflare. Now when I open my website i get ‘this connection is not private. this website may be impersonating …( name of the domain) to steal your personal or financial should go back to the previous page’ and my friend got a message with ‘attacking’. I really need help this must be sorted out.
PS:I really found it difficult to reach the cloudflare team, there is no live chat, no one to assist you right the way, really disappointing!

are you check orange cloud in DNS menu?

Hello, thank you for your reply, but I’m sorry I literally have no clue about that, I don’t even understand what it is. As I said I hired someone to do all this, happen to be a bad decision. Is there any chat button , I can’t believe this website has no technician to help out! Bravo cloudflare, Godaddy are way more professional when it comes to customer support.

login and click dns tab up the top and check if there is orange cloud

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 8.24.53 pm

I am afraid that is a really bad article

Select ‘Flexible’ from there.

They actively suggest to make your site insecure.

hello, which article is bad? who is suggesting to make it insecure? please let me know, thank you.

The article which was posted above. It suggests you set your configuration to an insecure mode which is everything but HTTPS.

thank you setitoff, I actually have the Https appearing , but it still get this warning message. all i know is that I had to switch my DNS to godaddy because Cloudflare blocked my professional email, couldn’t receive any…if my clients see this warning message they will never visit my website.

OMG, thanks for letting me know, I visited the website its weird, a chat came up with an indian guy telling me to provide my email so we can chat in case it gets disconnected! So fed up hackers and scammers for gods sake please find a real job! thank you sandro

crazy, i just googled ‘setup ssl with cloudflare’ and that is one of the first links.
sorry all not recommending that anymore, thanks for hiding.

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