PlayStation Servers

Please do something for PlayStation Servers. Because their servers are too slow all around the world. Here are the screenshots from twitter.


Cloudflare can’t do anything about PlayStation servers unless Sony asks.


Atleast do something for their CDN servers to download games. Even if i have a 50Mbps internet and i get around 15-25Mbps only. Can you optimize their Akamai, Fastly and other service providers servers. Please & ThankYou !!

yeah, not something that can be done without Sony becoming a paid customer. If they use Akamai and Fastly though, they can definitely get much quicker speeds than that, it isn’t on the provider.

Either way, sorry but nothing can be done.

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To add, my hardwired PS5 gets ~800 Mbps (megabit, so ~100 megabytes per second) on my gigabit home internet connection. Most of the time game console connections are slow due to Wi-Fi, and that’s a huge handicap when you’re download games that are 50-200 gigabytes large. Plug an ethernet cable into it and see if your speed improves.

But yes, Cloudflare doesn’t reach out to major players to offer CDN services.