Player playback speed

Hello, I have a google drive player panel on a subdomain, but the player is taking 30 seconds to play, I would like to know if it is possible to reduce this playback time using Cloudflare. I already pointed out the domain and subdomain, but I don’t know if I pointed out the right subdomain, if that is possible and someone can help me, I really appreciate it.
I’m using jwPlayer as a player

Other words, the YouTube one?, okay.

Otherwise, it might be the embedded video from Google Drive, is it .mp4 or some other format, maybe isn’t encodded yet :thinking:

How about your internet connection speed? Is it okay? :thinking:

Either use Cloudflare Stream, or use a sub-domain without Google Drive player, rather using on your own but make sure that particular sub-domain hostname is unproxied and set to :grey: at the DNS tab of Cloudflare due to the possible violation of the ToS for he type of the media if it’s being served over a proxied :orange: hostname.

You could also experiment and split the single file into multiple segments, like .ts, therefrom creating an .m3u8 list to make it play smoother.

You can also try to use Cloudflare R2.

Rather, I’d use Cloudflare Stream for that case.