Play Video in WordPress LMS?

I’m trying to play a video back through LearnDash, a WordPress LMS. The video is not playing back through the LMS, but it loads if I visit the link - e.g

I’m seeking support from the LearnDash team, but I want to confirm that that would be the correct URL to use in this situation.

Hi @mitch6. It’s been some time since your question, but if you’re still seeking, might I ask how you’re currently trying to insert Cloudflare Stream videos into your LMS?

I’m currently building a WordPress LMS too, based on LearnDash. In the past I’d built my own plugin for this purpose (which I’ve not shared publicly), but on this new project, I’m first looking to leverage the official Cloudflare Stream Video plugin, offering patches through the Github repo that will hopefully prod Cloudflare into properly supporting it again.

I’m serving the videos from and using the Presto Player in LearnDash. FV player has also recently added the capability to serve videos in LearnDash, but I’ve yet to test this. IMO the FV player would be the better as they offer playback in a Lightbox.

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Thank you @mitch6, you’ve given me some things to consider.

A big concern of mine at the moment, is spending considerable time on fixing Cloudflare’s Stream plugin, with perhaps no reciprocation on Cloudflare’s part with also working to improve it, or even acknowledge my efforts.

In reviewing the state of play yesterday, I can see the issues with the plugin have been announced in the various community groups for more than 18 months now, but have been largely met with complete silence.

The last update to the plugin, from 1.0.4, to 1.0.5, despite having issues and limitations, addressed none of those and instead only removed WP Engine as a noted author of the plugin.

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