Hello, I’m trying to setup a dns to my Unturned server using this tutorial How to successfully make Minecraft DNS working but it’s not working. In the end people still being able to see my server IP when they check How to solve this?

The record is in place

nslookup -type=srv
Address:      SRV service location:
	  priority       = 0
	  weight         = 0
	  port           = 27015
	  svr hostname   =

Assuming your service supports SRV records, that should work. It does point to two IP addresses however, you might want to check that.

Now it’s not showing the real IP but I can’t connect the server using it.

Hello, you need to remove the proxy, sadly you cannot use proxy with minecraft.

I can see that both a records are under cloudflare proxy

You cannot proxy that service over Cloudflare.

Thanks guys

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