Plan's for future Data Center locations, specfically Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?

I reside in Edmonton and have recently had routing issues where I was being directed to a data center in Vancouver even though Calgary is far closer. These routing issues seem to be fixed for the time being but I do not doubt that it will happen again, I was hoping that maybe Cloudflare has plans to have a Data Center in Edmonton as the city does boast a large population but I could not find anything that suggests Cloudflare will do so. Does anyone have the answer to this question, will Cloudshare have a center in Edmonton anytime soon?

I don’t think anyone has information on if they’ll specifically have a colo in that city - Cloudflare’s always looking to expand and you can look at their recent plans with the Cloudflare Network blog tag:

You could reach out to your ISP and send them - if your ISP peers with Cloudflare then you’d get much better routing and latency.

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