Plans and bill for network with reverse proxy

Hi, I’m new in this, I with other ppl was been using WARP as a network to can have access to different devices, some time ago we found that we can’t handle a lot of data using WARP with a reverse proxy, that is a limit of the free plan (100MB or 200MB don’t remember well), no problem, but I can’t found anyplace the plans and costs of using the network…

Can someone tell me where can I found the plans and costs plis? (with the limists of every plan)


I’m not aware of any bandwidth limits on Zero Trust plans. The features and pricing are described here:

Technical limits are described here:

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Thx for the comment, sadly there is no info about this D: describes the technical limits, but bandwidth, pricing and plans seems to be lost.

The first link is pricing and features. As I mentioned I am not aware of any bandwidth limitations regarding Zero Trust.

Right! sorry, I didn’t notice that was two link… I though the image was for the second link.

And yes, there is pricing, but still don’t know the bandwidth limits.

The 100MB you’re thinking of is probably the request body limit for a zone on the free plan - unrelated to WARP.

Realistically, there’s no limits listed since there’s no concrete numbers. If used as it should be, you will never run into issues.

If you have it on 24/7 to download giant files constantly or torrenting, then obviously there might be a phone call from the sales team to discuss your bandwidth.

The supplemental terms are available here and only really talk about DNS queries as a limited metric -

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