Planning to host a website with non-html content


As I see in the terms and conditions, section 2.8 that it’s prohibited to host “a disproportionate percentage of non-HTML content”.

I plan to have a website and the users can download MachineLearning models, which can have hundreds of MB.

Can I use Cloudflare to be in front of my site and cache those models so I don’t hit my s3 bucket?

I am looking for some official numbers from CF staff.

How much traffic of non-html content can I pass through CF on a free plan?
How much traffic of non-html content can I pass through CF on a pro/business plan?

You’re not going to get official numbers, but it’s the overall bandwidth that’s going to get their attention. And it takes a lot to get their attention. About how much monthly data would that be?

You’re certainly welcome to contact sales AT cloudflare DOT com, or call them on their Sales number during business hours.

@sdayman yes, I understand that if the site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, it doesn’t matter.
But I’ve seen cases where if the site did had a lot of traffic, CF would stop working without any notice.

Since I am in the planning phase, I want to know a threshold for which I can safely use CF.
And if the site bandwidth is over that threshold, I should get alerted so I can contact sales or change the design.

Providing a safety threshold is the only responsible thing that CF can do here, as many projects that start out obviously don’t consume much bandwidth, but in time they risk being taken down without notice for violating the terms and conditions.

So I contacted support and will write the conclusions here for anyone searching for the same information:

After many back-and-forth discussions about the need for clarifying the limitation, I still couldn’t get official numbers. So this limitation still is not 100% clear, but from what I understand, if it’s not a site purely devoted for non-html content or it doesn’t impact other customers, you shouldn’t have issues.

And if you do have issues with this non-html content limitation, they said the site would not be taken down, but just proxying would be disabled and users would go directly to the origin.

I can work with that.

Thanks Cloudflare for great services!

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