Plan that supports multiple domains

I have many domains in my Cloudflare account. If I change all of them to PRO plans,
Is there a plan that supports multiple domains ? some plan like “unlimited domains and 20Tb per month” ?
Thank you!

Pricing is per domain; there’s no ‘unlimited’ option as such, other than being able to add unlimited domains on the free tier. If you think your spend would be high enough ($USD5000+ per month), then enterprise can be configured with multiple domains/ origins – however, pricing is customised at that tier, so I’m not sure what the exact price would be for this.

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Hi StuartMorrisAU, thanks for your answer. May I ask how many domains can I bind in Enterprise Plan? and does the $USD5000 include the fee for these multiple domains?
Thank you.

Your best bet would be to contact the sales team. Enterprise pricing tends to vary greatly in terms of features and scope (and cost) based on customer needs.

The team can also talk to you about the possibility of a bulk pro plan if you are a partner/ reseller type organization.

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