Plan Pro vs Plan Bisness


Is there a difference between Plan Pro and Bisness regarding speed and priority in the Cloudflare network?

In other words, is the Bisness Plan faster than the Pro Plan?

Thank you

There is no speed difference between plans. The business plan will include more POPs (access to Australia POPs is limited to Business plan and above), but that list can change over time.

The only priority difference would be in terms of support queues, business plans have a higher priority for responses than the Pro plan.

What is the impact on Australia’s traffic when we have no access to its pop?

Clearly, what changes when you have access to pop or not?

Thank you

On the other hand, do you have a link, where we could see the list of pops that are assigned for each plan? Thank you

Zones on the pro plan in Australia would be routed to a different POP… that could be LAX (US West coast, but I’m not certain) so the performance would no be as good as hitting a POP in region. Besides Australia requiring business and China CDN requiring an ENT plan with China CDN included as an option I’m not sure on the other POPs, the list has the potential to evolve over time as we add more POPs/ improve peering relationships. You can try asking support (support (at) but they may not have an exact list… so better to ask abotu a specific colo or country.

Thank you for your explanations.

So for Australia, what is the nearest POP?

The only way that Business is faster is that it gives access to Railgun

The Business plan does give you access to Railgun, it also enables Bypass Cache on Cookie and Cache on Cookie page rule options, which in itself allows you to cache anonymous HTML for dynamic websites. That in itself is a huge speed boost if you use a CMS / E-Commerce app:

Here’s some guides on how to do this with Drupal, Magento & Wordpress:


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